Yui bot command list

What does it do? Well, it does a bunch of stuff right now, the best way to figure out what it does is to try it out by adding it onto a testing server and see what it provides for yourself.

Who am I? I go by the name Jonas online and unsurprisingly my real name is also Jonas, although notI'm not a plane. YAGPDB is a project that I have been developing in my spare time for roughly 3 years now, it started out because MEE6 which I was currently using for my server was lacking a lot of stuff that I wanted, so I decided to make my own bot, and here I am. This feature is very advanced.

You can either give yourself a role with a command or with a role menu:. YAGPDB has a very configurable automoderator, for each rule you can set automoderator to mute, kick or ban after a certain number of violations within a certain timeframe.

Click here for a list of rules, conditions, and effects. Click here for custom command examples. This feature made me spend days and nights sitting in a horrible chair in a basement staring at an old monitor fetching new facts. It includes over different cat facts! Self-assignable Roles This feature is very advanced. You can either give yourself a role with a command or with a role menu: Group in several groups for multiple menus Assign the roles via reactions on a message role menu Different modes like single or multiple roles at once Advanced options like require role or ignore role per group or role.

yui bot command list

Automatic Moderator YAGPDB has a very configurable automoderator, for each rule you can set automoderator to mute, kick or ban after a certain number of violations within a certain timeframe. Custom Commands Triggers: Starts with, Contains, Exact match or Regex Dynamic response Useful for automatic responses to questions, command aliases or other fun stuff Click here for custom command examples. And finally, the feature I'm most proud of:. Cat Facts This feature made me spend days and nights sitting in a horrible chair in a basement staring at an old monitor fetching new facts.

Have questions? Check out these links! The documentation can be found at docs.Click here for the full list of module names for YUI Loader.

Where these files come from: The files included using the text above will be served from Yahoo! JavaScript files are minified, meaning that comments and white space have been removed to make them more efficient to download. To use the full, commented versions or the -debug versions of YUI JavaScript files, please download the library distribution and host the files on your own server.

Order matters: As is the case generally with JavaScript and CSS, order matters; these files should be included in the order specified above. If you include files in the wrong order, errors may result. Panel inherits its constructor and configuration, as well as several other important methods, from Overlay. See Overlay for more information on how to utilize Panel's inherited features.

Placing a panel's markup in the page, rather than adding Panel content via script once the Panel instance is created, allows you to use Progressive Enhancement — showing the full content and functionality of your site to users who may have older browsers or who have JavaScript disabled while still providing a richer interaction to modern, standards-compatible browsers. In most cases, you won't place a Panel's content on the page prior to creating the panel; setting content dynamically is the most common use case.

However, where it's possible and useful to do so, you may instantiate a Panel based on modular content that follows the following pattern inherited from Module :.

Panel is easy to use and can generate extremely powerful interactions with simple configuration options and CSS styling. In its simplest case, a Panel's constructor looks like this:. More often, you'll want to configure some of the properties of Panel by passing in a configuration object as the second argument to your constructor. Configuration options are detailed later in this document; here is an example that implements some very common configurations:.

For more information about Panel's many configuration options, see Configuration Properties below. For more ideas about how to use Panel and how to customize its look and feel, see the Examples. Once initialized, a Panel is rendered in the same way as Moduleby invoking the render method. As with Module, if the Panel was not created from markup you need to pass to the render method, the parent element to which the Panel should be added. For example, if you render a modal Panel inside a relatively positioned ancestor, which doesn't have a z-index, in IE the mask will render on top of the Panel, whereas in all other browsers it will render correctly underneath the Panel unless you control the z-index of the postioned ancestor in relation to the mask.

The corner parameters are one of the following string values: "tr" top right"tl" top left"br" bottom rightor "bl" bottom left and define which corners of the overlay and context element should be aligned.

The 4th entry is an optional array of event names, or Custom Event objects, which should trigger re-alignment of the Overlay with the currently configured context element. For example:. Will re-align the Overlay to the context element just before it's shown, and whenever the window is resized. The 5th entry is an optional XY pixel offset, which is to be applied after the Overlay is aligned to the specified corner of the context element, and can be used to add a pixel buffer between the context element and the Overlay.

Will offset the Overlay by 10 pixels along the X axis, and 20 pixels along the Y axis, after aligning the specified corners. Before filing new feature requests or bug reports, please review our reporting guidelines. All YUI 2.

Panel "myPanel". Effects like drag and drop and constrain-to-viewport are easy to configure. Name Type Default Description close Boolean null Whether a "close" icon should be displayed in the header.

Other options include "none", and "matte", which renders a small white matte under the Panel.All normal commands start with t! Some commands require the user to have Discord guild permissions. The required permission is displayed at each command. Website by David. Commands All normal commands start with t! Up to 4 users can be selected. Use the "server" flag to get the server's icon.

Mention channels to get their info, or use the "topic" flag to get the channels topic. Accepts name, mention or role id. This is limited to servers on the same shard. Command Description Example Aliases t! More credits will be given at random if awarded to someone else. Can only be used once every 24 hours. Leave blank to check reputation cooldown. You can call a random server or link up two servers. Maximum of characters. To reset info box, do not include any info text.

Your info box can also be configured on the profile dashboard. Maximum of 23 characters. To reset your title, do not include any title text. Your title can also be configured on the profile dashboard.NuggetBot also has it's own Discord server. You can come here if you need support or just maybe want to test NuggetBot out before you add it to your own.

Although you could ofcourse also join for any other reason, such as actually talking to people. A multi-purpose Discord bot with automatic commands, advanced customization, moderation, entertainment and so much more!

Invite me! Join my server! Find me here! Automatic Commands. Execute up to 15 commands automatically. More than a hundred different commands to choose from. Mange them via your server or via the web dashboard. Save yourself time searching, and let NuggetBot search for you!

Memes galore. Unlimited images of cats, dogs and other animals. Kiss, poke, slap, and hug your friends using the social commands. Play games, such as blackjack and slots. Let NuggetBot tell you jokes or showerthoughts. Read comics from Cyanide and Happiness. Add up to 3x as many autocommands as other servers Execute your autocommands up to 4x as often.

Receive earlier, better and more detailed support Suggestions made will have a higher priority then others. Become a patron! Customizable Discord server invite blocker. Limit the amount of user and role pings for a message. Super advanced bulk message remover. Easy to use announcement command to ping unpingable roles. Selfroles and Reactionroles. Create custom self assignable roles for your members.

No need to create the roles yourself, let NuggetBot create them for you. Easy to use reaction role system. Custom and animated emojis supported.

yui bot command list

Want to easily manage your server from the web, NuggetBot has you covered! Visit the dashboard.Mirai Bot Commands. Shows you a list of available commands and a short description.

yui bot command list

Current command plugins: normalmoderationanimeosumusictwitch. Find out when an anime is airing, or what is airing today. To check the next episode and time of an anime: m. Subscribe: m. Get information on an anime.

This command will only post adult anime if NSFW is enabled. Data source: AniList. Display a user's avatar in full size, or the server's icon. To get the server's icon type server for the username. To link a different size add --size to the end, where is a power of 2 from 16 to Get a catgirl from nekos. To search, add tags separated with a comma. If no tags are used a random catgirl will be posted.

NSFW and sort tags do not count. You can change the sorting order with the sort Available orders are recentlikesand oldest. Recent is the default. Give it a list of options separated by a and it will pick one. You can also use a comma if you really want to.

Convert an amount into other currencies. Amount can include punctuation. For example: 1, You can also convert to multiple different currencies. Rates are provided by European Central Bank. For more information and a list of supported symbols see their page.Make sure that the bot has the manage role permission and that the bot's role is above the role it is trying to assign.

This is hardcoded, meaning that command overrides will not affect it. Simply give the role command a name and then select which role you want the bot to assign to the person. Do NOT set the require role to the role you are assigning. You generally will not want to set the ignore role to the role you are assigning either unless you wish to prevent the user from removing that role through the role-menu. Require role : Requires a person to have a certain role in order for them to give themselves this role.

Ignore role : Ignore any person who has this role. Group: Put the role in a role group will be explained more further down.

yui bot command list

Role groups are essential if you want to set up a role menu. Role groups are useful for applying restrictions on a group of roles such as only being able to have one or the other role etc. They're also essential if you want to create a role menu. To create one, simply give the role group a name and then select which mode you want the role group to use. Every role group, even Ungrouped has the option to delete all roles inside that group, other groups will not be affected.

Be careful with that, it's permanent and can't be undone. None: This mode does nothing other than checking against the roles required and ignored roles. Single: They can only have 1 role in the group. Multiple: You can set the minimum and maximum number of roles a member can have in the group.

You generally will not want to set the ignore role to the role you are assigning either unless you wish to prevent the user from removing that role through the rolemenu.

Require role : requires a person to have a certain role in order for them to give them this role. Mode : Select between none, single, multiple to restrict the number of roles they can assign them themselves. Requiring a user to have one of the following role at all time after initial assignment. Removing the previous role when they assign themselves another role from the group. Say you have a server with 3 factions and want people to be able to assign their own faction when they join.

That's simple enough - all we have to do is:. Create the 3 roles. Create 3 role commands for those roles. Now everyone can assign themselves a faction! There are a couple of issues with this setup though:. You can assign yourself more than 1 faction.

People can freely jump between factions. To fix these problems we can create a new group with the mode Single and assign the previous role commands to that group. Now we can only have 1 faction! How can we solve jumping between factions then? You can enable the Require 1 role in group setting, now they can't remove roles in the group, and they can have max.

Roles can only be assigned to one group. Refer back to the optional features for roles and select the role group you want to assign the role to. Make sure you created your role commands and assigned them a role group before starting. Role menu will NOT work if you have not done so. The role menu makes it possible to have people assign roles by adding reactions to a message. A role menu can only support up to 20 roles due to the reaction limit discord places on messages.You can change your server's prefix with the setprefix command.

KinkBot will always respond to a mention, so KinkBot setprefix and KinkBot prefix can always be used.

Carl-bot Dashboard

First of all, start off by typing the command you want to use and make sure that you have used the correct prefix. Now, if this did not work you may be in a spot of bother. In order to test the functionality of KinkBot, you will have to mention KinkBot followed by the command like KinkBot help. You can join the support server for further assistance. Make sure that you have the channel of which you want porn marked as NSFW and make sure that you pass all the tests above.

If this does not resolve your problem then maybe the desired command is disables on your server. If you are an administrator of the server you can check this at kinkbot. Another possibility is that you aren't able to view porn as you are locked out of the bot, although it will tell you if so.

KawaiiBot Commands

Most bots that post images or replies require the permissions; send messages, embed links, attach files, and add reactions. Tagging for booru sites like rule34, realbooru, e : After the bot command add tags to filter your search. Use spaces to separate tags, and use underscores in place of spaces within tags like with character names. That said, you can omit images containing tags you dislike by including a minus symbol - before the tag. You can include any possible permutation of the tag you'd want to avoid.

Note that this doesn't guarantee you'll get an image without the tags specified. It only finds images including those tags, so if an image is not tagged correctly, then it can still come through.

Though western lewd artists are a When searching for a specific western character, type the first name first. Remember to type the last name first and use traditional romaji spelling.

Credits to Linku. First, make sure you have Manage Server permission in your desired server. Next, click "Invite KinkBot" on the main page and select which server. Giving the bot the rquested permissions is usually best as it allows images to embed and load properly, as well as post links desired. This can be for a number of reasons. First check KinkBot's permissions. Usually the safest bet is administrator, but Embed Links is a definite must.

Next, it could be an issue with Discord's embed servers. Can other users view the image? If not, it is probably Discord. Finally, it could be your ISP blocking access for whatever reason. I seriously have no clue at this point.

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